Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Earlier album by the stoner metal/stoner punk band, El Thule, has much more vigor than Green Magic, but is not as heavy. There are still some heavy guitar usage and cumbrous bass playing. The drums by Gweedo aren't as impressive, but are definitely strong. Songs like Chromatic Mountain I & II are excellent examples of the punk-like stoner metal.

320 kbps CBR

Masaaki Kishibe - 12 Stories

This is my first post in a long time, so I am sorry if I haven;t updated. As a request by 5-10 people, I update because of them.

This magnificent finger style artist from Japan made in 2008 is one of Kishibe's finest albums. Soft melodies and magnificence are what come from this album. Entirely acoustic and highly recommended for fans of such artists like Paco de Lucia, Kieran Murphy and Geoff Farina.

Link is 256 kbps, the best I can find.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yonin Bayashi - Golden Picnics

Spectacular album by Japanese psychedelic rock/progressive rock band, Yonin Bayashi. Released in 1976, once legendary and popular they released this album with stunning solos, fantastic bass guitar playing, really great drums and a vocalist you won't get tired of listening to. Highly recommended for any progressive rock/psychedelic rock fans.

V0 (VBR)
The Cherry Valence - Riffin'

Sexy stoner rock with a huge garage rock influence and sound from the early 2000s. The Cherry Valence's Riffin' is a provocative album with enticing vocals, aggressive electric guitars and bass guitar, and drums with an old rock feel from the south. Released in 2002.

V0 (VBR)

Heavy, energetic and really impressive stoner metal/desert metal/stoner punk. Formed in the early 2000s, El Thule's 2008 release, Green Magic, will have you bracing for more from their epic drums, cumbrous bass guitar and electric guitar playing and strong vocals. Released in 2008.

V2 (VBR)
Maikotobranco - Star

Ethereal shoegaze/dream-pop album by Japanese shoegaze band, Maikotobranco. Album released in 2008 with a sound similar to the popular shoegaze band, My Bloody Valentine. Massively underrated and highly recommended for shoegaze fans anywhere.

V0 (VBR)